Yo Gotti - Thinking Hours

Thinking Hours
Thinking Hours


I just woke up, my whole city crying
Every sixty seconds, they blowin’ up my line (Ring)
I ain’t speakin’ on shit that ain’t no business of mine
And I ain’t got the time (So I ain’t even trying)
This the city of Memphis, this the city of kings
I got faith in the city, Martin died for the dream
When you jump in these streets, you gotta know what that mean
That’s why I don’t leave the house without a switch and a beam
If I’m a hundred percent honest, I’m a lil’ disappointed (I am)
With allegations and rumors like you niggas wanted (Me?)
Me behind bars, not in these foreign cars (For real)
I ain’t on that petty shit, nigga, I’m creating stars
Who brought you Birthday Bash (Me) with your favorite stars? (Me)
Who the first nigga jumpin’ out your favorite cars? (Gotti)
North Memphis trappin’-ass nigga (Nigga)
And I ain’t never let ’em play me like these rappin’-ass niggas
Never been no ass kisser (Never)
Gotti a hater, oh, I’m the last nigga
So the street honoring lies, I wash my hands with ’em
Nigga, I put on for this city without a flaw on my name and dealt with everything that came with it
I put plagues on the wall, I put niggas on Billboard
I done lived a life these niggas would kill for
I was feeding the babies, puttin’ niggas through school
Turned trappers to execs, now they in board rooms
Nigga, I changed the future
Never joined a gang, stayed neutral
I ain’t pocket watchin’ niggas, if you winnin’, I salute you
Maybe I’m too big for niggas to understand (To understand)
Or maybe I’m too real and I don’t understand
Got a question for my city, is you proud of me or not? (Is you?)
Soccer team owner, I used to get it out the pot
At twenty dollars a pop
In Ridgecrest sellin’ rocks
Now I just broke ground to build a condo down on Popular
With Gotti in the driver seat, they know nobody stopping us
Again, why would I be hatin’? Nobody hot as us
Do you know what I’m worth? Do you know what I own?
You can check my investments, you can Google my home
And I don’t say I’m a king ’cause I sit on a throne
Nigga, I say I’m a king ’cause I stand on my own
I provide for my people
Me and my niggas are equal
I put on for my city


No one gets the prize


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