Yo Gotti - Last Run

Last Run
Last Run

(L-l-l-link Up)

Yeah (Yeah)
Yeah, I’m on my last run (I’m on my last run)
This ain’t my last sack or my last gun (Last gun)
But this my last run (Last run)
I’m on my last run (Last run)
(I heard so many niggas say this shit like déjà vu, when I heard this shit, you know what I mean?)
I’m on my last run (Last run)
(Just quit)

[Verse 1]
You know how I go (How?)
Every time you think about it (About it), you fucked up all the money (What that?)
It ain’t no one to blame but yourself (Damn, I can’t fuck this up)
So you mad at yourself (Fuck, shit)
But you can’t get back at yourself (Back)
I told B to quit (Quit), I can sense the Feds comin’ (The Feds)
Of course he didn’t listen, you can’t tell a grown man nothin’
He kept doin’ him, so he kept hustlin’
Thirty days later, the Feds bust him, damn
He was on his last run
Tryna get off his last bong
Breaking news, indictment, fifty-five bricks
Thеy say a rapper connected, I’m likе, “Aw, shit”
Once upon a time, name is anonymous
That’s my nigga, he know it, we been through a lotta shit
He had a play on the line, it was Christmas Eve
I told him, “Fuck that lil’ money”, but he ain’t listen to me (Listen to me)
Now it’s R.I.P, he ain’t make it to Christmas behind five P’s
At 7:50, there was thirty-seven fifty, I just wish he would’ve listen to me
I get emotional, angry when I think about it
Far as I can remember, them streets don’t love anybody
If you gon’ quit, just quit, don’t even think about it
‘Cause when you say this is your last run, I doubt it (I doubt it)
It’s your last run
(See, I never wanna be a broke rapper)

[Verse 2]
I know niggas broke
They ran it up and fucked it up, so now they stuck
Bent on they luck, tryna get that last run (Last run)
They need that one hit to do that last tour
Just need that big song
Bought too much jewelry, took too many drugs
Flew too many jets, you invested wrong, damn (Damn)
My investments long
It’s cocaine ten, this the last run (The last run)
She was a student and a dancer
Birthday in July, she was a Cancer
Street smart, always got the answers
Single parent living in Atlanta
Baby father calling from the Fed, she don’t answer
Now she on her last run, tryna run her bands up
Got a OnlyFans page, tryna get her fans up
Tonight gon’ be the night she gonna work to make a killin’ (Killin’)
She did her favorite trick but Mr. Pole fucked around and fell from the ceiling (Fell from the ceiling)
She ain’t make it to that last run (Last run)
You hardly ever make it to the last run (Last run)


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