YG - I Made It

I Made It
I Made It

[Verse 1: Tanea]

First off I wanna thank all my haters
You made me so strong, this is my dream
Pushaz is on my team (Pushaz Ink big)
Mama I made it and all the fake people hating
That’s what it is, I’m just positive
All I wanna see is the big screen
I’m here, right here not going nowhere
I’m like 50, I’mma get rich or die trying
Burnt out bitches ain’t got my talent(nooo)
To bad, I’m glad I got it
Now I could feed my fam cause I got it


Congratulations I made it
I graduated, I’m famous
I finally made it mama
I did it all for you
My daddy I got you even if you say I don’t got to
Because I love you for sure(you my nigga for sure)

[Verse 2: YG]

Ahah, I’m like momma I made it
All the hating, y’all could remember me car saving
I’m the greatest in my time it’s no lie
Pushaz Ink bird gang bitch I’m so fly
Y’all know me, Y dot G
What you need some prescription glasses, you can’t see
Tanea on the track, these other bitches can’t sing
These whack rappers got a writer block they can’t think
And everybody like, where YG at
I’m buzzing bitch get out my beeswax!
Like a rat in a trap getting where the cheese at
Compton nigga with a attitude and I mean that(and I mean that)
Def Jam student, fresh on campus
Doing all my homework I ain’t missing no classes
I’m from the streets
All that grinding, now I’m chilling on a beach
With yo bitch, me and her having drinks


[Verse 3: Tanea]

I want it all brand new socks and drawers
I’ma need y’all to give me the light like Sean Paul
It’s about that time for me to show off
I waited so long to sing this song, its been prolonged
Cause opportunities just don’t come where I come from
I wanna tell my story
YG, he use to record me
We use to be in the back on the Mac laying tracks
All my engineer shit, double that, run back
They say have faith, I found that
Good music let’s do it x3
And-I’m-and-I’m-and-I’m doing it
I’m doing it, I’m doing it, I’m doing it well
Doing it and doing it and doing it well
Doing it and doing it and doing it well
And-I’m-and-I’m fly as well
1000 for my hair, 200 for my nails

[Outro: YG and Tanea]

Aye I made it that’s why they hating
Cause my song be they girlfriends favorite
I’m on nigga I’m on
I’m on nigga I’m on
I made it that’s why they hating
Cause my song be they boyfriends favorite
I’m on bitch I’m on
I’m on bitch I’m on


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