YG - I Like Money

I Like Money
I Like Money

[Verse 1: YG]
Aye Aye, Black hoodie, black shoes, black too
Nigga trip and we bust now it’s bad news (Bah Bah)
Take his bitch to the house cause she mad cool (fuck her)
Swam in that bitch pussy like a tadpole (fuck her)
Westside til I die I’mma G though (west)
Studio look something like a freak show
Ugly bitches get canceled like nino
And we got dick for them bitches that freeload
I’mma westside treetop rida (whoop)
Bitches be freakin im the dick provida (fuck me bitch, suck me bitch [2x])
Slide up Slide up Raw dog bust a nut now I’m like ahhhh naw (ahh)
My daddy told strap up but I didn’t listen (strap up)
Now I gotta take another trip to the clinic (damn damn)
I got bitches got bitches bitches bitches bitches
Life is to short I’m happy I’m not a midget

I like money, I like bitches, I like sittin’ on 24 inches
I like weed and I like drank I do me fuck what y’all think
Ice cold stay froze like everyday winna
We don’t smoke papers niggas only smoke swishers
Knock a nigga out like Deebo nigga
Boo bow bing One hitta quitta

[Verse 2: Reem Riches]
What’s happenin it’s young homie Reem
Got a chain on my neck got a pocket full of cheese
Catch me in mid town wit my nigga TC
Shootin dice it’s nothing if a nigga hit his point
All the homies gone rush him
I’mma lil nigga I don’t fight nigga im in there bustin
That’s the end of discussion
Uh,nigga fuckin nigga we can line it up
Pu$ha inc the squad it’s too late for you to sign up
Bitch boy yea I’m rich boy got the boosie fade crackin
Nigga pants saggin yea we run the west ask 50 what’s hannin
Hit mustard up tell nigga roll up a blunt
YG shot me pill nigga I’m fucked up
Straight A student and shit I’m geeked up
Studio full of bitches we turn it up
Fast real fast tell them niggas keep up


[Verse 3: TeeCee]
I’m in the studio gettin twisted
With the homies smokin weed and fuckin bitches
Newports nigga yea I need a whole pack
Cause I’m off two pills and a bottle of yac
Break a bitch back, snap
I got my chucks on and a strap
Mid town nigga yea you know where is at
Skating rink put the 48 up on the map
It’s Pu$ha inc though and niggas like to hate
Cause we get to the money fast and they late
Do a lot of shows get paid smoke weed everyday
I’m on top but I love to get laid
Got a lot of bitches running my way
I do my two step and then I’m gone
It’s tooted and booted yea bitch you know the song


[Verse 4: GCa$$o]
I know dress code say I’m active
And them bitches love a real young gangsta west hannin
I turn down nothing but ugly hoes
Ennie Mennie minny Moe your bitch chose
Im on and she love the way I throw up the 4
Saggin with my niggas brack one I had to get her
Ankle my I I I just might skin her
She gone put me in the Bentley and bring me dinner
Like a red light breaking on bitches it’s a green light
I’m gone with her paper bitch I’m GCaDoubleDollarSign0 now
Chupa mi pito quick to blow a nigga brains see
She the rail off my dick now that’s a blow job
Pretty bitch messy hair small waist fat ass like a attitude bad then a muthafucka
She want a rep not a busta



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