Tyga - Yonkers


I’m Well Done
I’m Well Done

[Verse 1]
Fuckin’ Ric Flair leglock
Headshot, body cropped, make his fuckin’ mama watch
Squeeze your baby inside a fuckin’ baby bottle pop
Whisky top, running through your blood til your kidneys pop
Pillow-talk, leave your lips on top of your pillowtop
Pop you while your roof off, on top of a rooftop
Oswald, Mankind, all you niggas getting socked
Lethal wop, Whopper it til your burger leave the lettuce out
Check this out, no one around
Put your faces on my crotch
Li-li-lick, lollipop, frog-tongue on my cock

[Verse 2]
Dead mammals in my living room
Louis minks, foxtails, doper than the metal spoon
Ay fool, split your enchilada, now it’s worm food
Moving like worms move, burn ya like perms do
One two, leader of the Rat Pack Tat crew
Hat removed, when I walk in rooms, make her eyes twitch
Juke ya, cut your shit out like a coupon
In due time, reign of a new king
Well done


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