Tyga - T Raw

T Raw
T Raw

[Hook x2]
T Raw, T Raw, T Raw, T Raw
I don’t give a fuck at all
I don’t give a fuck at all

[Verse 1]
Last king, golds on my collarbone
Fresh, got that Immortal Technique flow
Tech N9ne’s, tech decks
Fingerboards – flip a bitch
Thailand – pick a bitch
It’s my land, I take a shit anywere
Skat and piss, Lazereth king of
The snapback habitat, flashback
Flash bangs leave you fuckin trapped
Leave your face swoll
Leave a cabbage patch punching bag
Doctor Seuss niggas: you’s a pussy, Cat in a Hat
Rolling the papers like Wiz papers
Cash takers, put you in a cast
Cause your pocket’s breaking
The heart breaker, fuck her once, never date her
The Money-chaser, no chaser, fuck the savings
I got that ready, jelly
Spread it to all my niggas
So they spend it, spend it
Like “Ring Around The Rosie”
Okie-dokey got a bad Spanish bitch like Kobe
The most low-key, nigga you don’t know me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Like Cam Newton, I’m #1
Hand-picked my hand guns
I’mma Cowboy like Marion
Barber cut your hair for fun
Oh-two: I’m on one, 105 to Compton
YG just hit me said these bitches got their tats done
With my name on em: that’s a damn shame
Cause I changed homie: I changed my damn name
To T-raw, don’t look at me
Get chopped like butcher meat
Gold chains like Mr. T
Your girl face in my toilet seat
My niggas they be trippin
Your shit’s weak, but boy
You ain’t different
My show outsold your show by a million
Ya’ll mini me’s, I’m prolific
I progress, no stress
More sex: she gonna give it
No Robin Givens
I fucked that ho
Now its fuck that ho
Sleeping on me:
Don’t you ever get too comfortable


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