Tyga - Bring it Back

Bring it Back
Bring it Back

[Hook – Tyga]
Real nigga , Shoe box no safe
120 no roof benz on the interstate
Swag template nigga copy and they paste
Pound sign pound sign get the fuck out ma face

  • [Verse 1 – Tyga]
    Money rotate, ATL ass shake
    Grab a bitch by they waist
    38. Glock case, Pone base, base head
    Crack flow make you craze
    All black like blade
    You’s a pig nigga Babe. [Ha]
    You underground like a slave
    Im a oversees nigga 30 cash all pay
    Put my cream on her face now she think its Olay
    Otay last king nigga gold on the gate
    You niggas gassed up, Beano
    Tr-Treat ya bitch like a dog, Dino
    Riding round’ town wit ya girl boy ceelo
    D-Lo, we dont give a fuck about no ho. (no ho)
    Make the booty bounce like a pogo
    Looking for a white bitch what it do Jojo
    Mojo putos you’re just a puto
    I’mma red bull, Toni Kukoč
    Naked women on my plate
    Put a rubber where you taste
    G-Got to play it safe
    Ayeee mate got these bitches straight fightin in my face
    Over me cuz im a king plus I dont never hate cause I’mma..

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