Lil B - Thugs Pain

Thugs Pain
Thugs Pain

I’m the rawest rapper alive
I’ma tell you the game I play

These niggas so creep, I’ll tell you bout the street
I’ma keep it five-hundred, my problems is deep
Niggas keep it real? nah niggas is sweet
Niggas watch me on the street, I’ll be feeling like a sheep
Man, to keep it 500, bro I’ll be down for the beef
Man, this shit sick, niggas will love if I’m sleep
I’ma keep it too real, all this funk shit is played
Niggas hating in the hood, that shit is lame
Dying too young, I’m tired of hearing that
I’m not gonna take a loss, I’ma push a nigga wig back
He gonna need a chinstrap, he gonna need a doctor
I’m feeling depressed, I’ma tote the chopper
I’m a keep it real bro, I don’t pop pills bro
But beef like this will make you catch the deal bro
And I’ma tell you this, you sick but i’m sick too
I deserve the love, but these suckers plot against you
Keep the chopper with you, because niggas be hating
To keep it hundred, niggas is racist
Niggas wanna trip me, nigga wanna get me
Welcome to the navy; they training on 6th street
I don’t respect niggas because they smile and they sell dope
The code of the streets ain’t nothing to die for
What I gotta lie for? my past stay with me
You’re thinking I’m a sucker; I’ll turn you into history


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