Lil B - Texas Thug

Texas Thug
Texas Thug

Uggh. Uggg Ahhh. Swag. Ahhh Damn
It’s Lil B BasedGod bitch
Pink Flame Ho
Shouts out to motherfuckers

[Verse 1: Lil B]
My bitch suck dick so I never kiss her
Call me Mr. BasedGod bitch I am that nigga
Out in Modesto, talking on the next ho
Ho shaking ass like a motherfucking knockout
Bitch look like she off a magazine
Bitch I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m bout green
Cops pull up on the motherfucking scene
I’m still smoking weed, I’m still serving green
Came on the block, and they know about me
Call me Mr. Man, with the Mini 14’s
Had tip low, and it’s never on me
Call me a bitch cause it’s money on me
I really got the plan I’m a new school gangsta
Old ass niggas let the game play ya
When I turn forty I’mma still be fifty
When I turn sixty I’mma pull a One-twenty
One-Eight-Seven, my swag is Murder
You know about BasedGod? That’s unheard of
I’mma show ya boys about the Glock and the burner
I’mma show the girls that Lil B unheard of
I’m the lick, I’mma cop a brick
’72 dump with the blades on that bitch
And I might hit a switch, You feel me, Shouts out to L.A


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