Lil B - Squirt


You know we out herr, ayy man we out herr, out here
I’mma tell you we down south
Ayy I got my boots on, I got my cowboy outfit on
I’mma fuck a ho, I’mma fuck a bitch
Pink Flame

[Verse 1: Lil B]
You know I’m gon’ flirt I’m gon’ fuck her till she squirt
Bitch please say that word, put that ho on the curb
Bitch I like when you squirt, girls know on the low
Fuck the shit out that ho, I’m gon’ work, she gon’ squirt
Put that ass in the air, bitch call me Ric Flair
Bitch I’mma pull your hair, put your ass on the stairs
Bitch you know bout the turf, I’m gon work
I’m gon’ work, I’m gon’ work, I’m gon’ make your back hurt
Bitch ask about me, I’m gon’ show her bout the street
I’m gon’ blow her back out, off the top for a week
Ask about me, ask about me
Fuck my main bitch, I’mma tell you bout me

Make that bitch squirt x16

[Verse 2: Lil B]
Kinda like that ho, who gon’ know, I don’t know
She gon’ swim, catch that rope, off the top like a boat
Like a park, like a pussy, she got nerve, she gon’ swerve
Off that lean, off that bean, hit that sky with your legs
Im gon’ blow your back out, off the top at the mansion
Bitch I’m from the Earth, fuck what its worth
I’mma pay fifty bitch, you don’t need to work
My mind right, see whats that work
Posted on the Seven with a bitch and a blunt
Stay strapped up, playing with me
They don’t know me
Fuck that shit, I don’t cheat



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