$UICIDEBOY$ - Scope Set

Scope Set
Scope Set

[Verse 1: El Wetto]
Fuck it how you want it, it’s the psychopath
I’m killin’ everything around me, fuck the aftermath
Bloodbath on my hands, lotta red dead
Minded motherfucker standin’ right up on the ledge
Bring the chaos, let me slay ’em
I’m goin’ crazy, off the radar, the angel slayer
Fuck your prayer
Knee-deep in my sin, where do I begin?
Gripping on the Glock, looking for a fuckin’ end
Bitch, I got a brain hemorrhage, losin’ my shit
The motherfuckin’ terrorist, I’m killin’ every bitch
Fuck your motherfuckin’ feelings, I could give a fuck
Ruby right behind me, wanna test your luck?


[Verse 2: Yung $now]
AK, AR, nine millimeter
.22 Ruger, plenty ways to die, see ya
Shoot, shoot, shoot to kill
Aim for me, fulfill ya thrill
Pop my head, let my brains spill
Send chills down my spine, Papa Pine is killed
Ruby da Cherry, now Ruby da Juice
Every day loosen the screw
Choose to do what I do
This life that I lose one day is proof it’s true (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Refuse to use the shit you say is fuckin’ cool (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Tryna find my way feels like a fuckin’ Rubik’s cube
What the fuck is new? What the fuck is new?
Snakes tryna wear Gucci shoes, what a view
Bit off more than you can chew, that was fuckin’ rude
Tryna get that face tattoo removed, but you doomed


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