$UICIDEBOY$ - Rotten $oul$

Rotten $oul$
Rotten $oul$

[Intro: LIL OOZING & Poltergeist]
They’re here!
Uh, Lil fucking Uzi the Antichrist
Black $uede

[Verse 1: LIL OOZING]
Bitch, I got my Glock cocked
When you hear that knock, knock, knock
Death at the door, telling you, “it’s time to close shop!”
So you drop to your knees, begging please to stop
But he’s not, it’s inevitable
Leave you dead on the floor
Bitch, I got that motherfuckin’ dead president flow
More Benjamins, hoe
Yeah, I’ll go to your show because attendance is low
(Excuse me, excuse me!)
Matter fact, fuck that
Bring a backpack full of crack wrapped in dynamite
Hand it out that Friday night
Sure enough, got you fans hooked
Only way you were going to blow up, motherfucker
I’m G*59 signed
Crime don’t pay, but I will pay for the crime, uh
Got the Devil on my side
Yeah, we kick it all the time
I’m the one who told him that God was a bitch
Fuck him, let’s ride
Grab that cross and flip it around
Drive into town like, “Whats up? We down”

Yung God!
I’m the one that nailed Jesus to the cross, you feel me?
I’m fucking Pontius Pilate

I’m pissin’ on crosses in churches
Chrome to your dome, and I murk ya’
Twenty deep when we ride that excursion
I’m itchin’ for death and I’m lurkin’
Life full of sin
Chalk on cement
Momma be begging, “don’t do drugs again!”
Murder something, hearse full of friends
Snatching up purses, and kicking doors in
187, gripping MAC-11
You wanna find out if all dogs go to heaven?
Gold on my chain, drugs in my brain
I’m slicing my wrist with the mental deranged
$crimmy insane
Dope got me numb
West Bank sewers where I crawled out from
Smoke in my lungs, I’m about to blackout
Got a bottle full of Roofies that I’m about to pass out
Coke I be sniffing
Lean I be sipping
Trying to OD, ’cause that’s always my mission
Drug-fueled demon
Got to stay stoned
Walk up in hell, like, “Hey Honey, I’m home!”


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