Lil B - Pink Flame

Pink Flame
Pink Flame

Pink flame mixtape, is y’all ready?
You ready for history?
Ok it’s Lil B

[Verse 1: Lil B]
Smoking my face off, niggas getting laid off
I took a loss but I pick the case off
Niggas getting trophies, always catching cases
Dirty mack, we don’t give a fuck about the station
Keep dope rock, so I always stay stationed
I be coming up like a nigga that was patient
Pains of the game, he said he couldn’t take it
He fucked me over now, now we outside waiting
He said he lost, his brother to the hating
We’re serving up caskets, duct tape and baskets
Shotgun sound like the song that was mastered
Most rap niggas are my sons or a bastard
B how you do it? my life is fantastic
I used to be a nigga who a dream but couldn’t grab it
Now I wake up and I got my cake up a rico
This a water release
And focus to Japan the based in me
The world on my back and they’re waiting for it
Pink flame mixtape the world waiting for it


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