Lil B - Pink Flame (Intro)Lil B

Pink Flame (Intro)
Pink Flame (Intro)

Welcome to Pink Flame Mixtape
Hey man, this is the intro. If you don’t fuck with Lil B
Then turn this off right now, you feel me

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I like you and you know it, bitch I’mma show it
This Pink Flame Mixtape, I swear I’mma go in
Bitch, I’m not ho-ing, shouts out to Florida
Shouts out to Kansas, shouts out to Ottawa
Everyday’s Mardi Gras, shouts out to Niagara
Shouts out to Morocco, Shouts out to Nigeria
Shouts out to Syria, Japan Based Family
Im still in the ocean, I’m in the water and I’m floatin’
Everybody know I’m rolling, This Pink Flame Mixtape
Collect all the Based, I’mma put you in your place
Niggas wanna come late, I’mma have to meet you
Shouts out to the United States, bitch I’m getting greedy
Shouts out to Korea, I swear I got bitches
I really can’t believe it, I’m sitting on 26’s
This mixtape, this ain’t for no bitches
I don’t fuck with snitches, I got bitches

Now I’mma say, Pink Flame Mixtape
If you positive, put your hands in the air
You know we keep it positive man
We got a lot of bitches in here
I know everybody got a lot of bitches
It’s okay man, It’s that real pretty boy music
That Based boy music. let this beat-
Shouts out to all the beautiful women around the world
That hold down Lil B music, you know we taking it to that next
You feel me, two-thirteen. Green Green Okay
Talking bout that swag. BasedGod. It’s that new shit
Pink Flame Mixtape


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