Lil B - My Ex Bitch

My Ex Bitch
My Ex Bitch

I’m a tell you bout the lick that I just did
I got a real down bitch I ain’t gotta trip
I said Key, what you need?
Bitch I need a new car bitch I need a new life
West side thuggin I’m not greedy
Feds on my ass but they won’t see me
I got the line to them blue pills
Gone rob a bank so I can’t feel
My bitch said if I’m dead
She gone ride in the streets off with your head
I ain’t no pussy
Never been a pussy
Skee mask pussy don’t wanna push me
Locked in
See you next summer
Keep the dope right in the Honda
I’m a keep it real with my next bitch
Real talk I had to dump my ex bitch
Lil B


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