Lil B - Love n Hate

Love n Hate
Love n Hate

You know we Pink Flame thugging, you feel me?
Ahhh, nigga we rocking out
We rocking out to the side, you feel me?

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I’mma be a thug, bitch I’m fucking thugged out
Came straight from the hood, right by the drug house
Nigga from the hood, selling dope out a wheelchair
Waterfront nigga, keep it real boy, I been there
Real Berkeley nigga, keep it real boy, I been there
Real Richmond nigga, keep it real boy, I been there
Real Oakland nigga, stay smoking nigga
I don’t give a fuck man, if I go broke nigga
I’m thugged out, I’m a motherfucking ho
Playing that game I’mma show you bout the four
I keep it real, I got a line to the water
It’s a thin line, between love and hate
I’mma tell you like this, I don’t instigate
I can’t afford to catch another case
That pretty bitch thugging, Gold House hustling
Bitch Mob fuck with the ho, and it’s nothing
Baby shotgun giving out concussions
49’er Basedgod, Oakland Raider Basedgod
San Francisco stay with the-
Out here man, people with the bitches
Maybe in Patterson
I’mma keep it real I’m a motherfucking gangsta
Nigga ask me if I’m a motherfucking gangsta
I don’t know, I might be a gangsta
Told’em like this I don’t talk to strangers
I’mma keep it real, man you know about the Banger
I’mma stay active like a nigga that’s in danger
El Cerrito High, shouts out to y’all
Albany High, I’m a thugging bitch
Albany High, got a lot of bitches
Tell you bout bitches and cars
I love Earth, and I love these broads
Lil B

Ayy man, you feel me, ayy man, cop that Pink Flame shit
You know about the new shit
Ayy bruh, where you go?
I go to Berkeley High
Bruh you go to Berkeley?
Nah, I go to Albany
Albany High?
Nigga, I fuck with Lil B and I go to Albany High, I’m a thug
I fuck with El Cerrito High
Awww, you lying Lil B
Bruh, I fuck with the whole Bay area man, shouts out to De La Salle
The whole 9
Pink Flame, what it do?


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