Lil wayne - London Roads

London Roads
London Roads

Weed and syrup, yeah
(We got London on da Track)

[Verse 1]
All I know is paper, I don’t know these hoes
I like mouth in my lap and pussy on my nose
And I’m bringin’ home the bacon, it’s fryin’ on the stove
You hoes can’t drive me crazy, keep your eyes on the road
Got the money on my mind, and bodies on my nine
And I swear every day, I’m on my Ariana grind-de
I got that yay, I got that la-di-da-di-da
And a kamikaze squad, and you chicken parmesan
Lord, I’m a free man like I come from Amistad
No, I come from Hollygrove, turnin’ Os to octagons
I get money while I’m ‘sleep, I dream that I’m in Heaven
I dream I saw Lil Beezy and smoked a ‘gar with Wessy
All my niggas, rest in peace, and my enemy, rest pleasant
So when my niggas creep, they catch him when he least expect ’em
Mama told me “If you run these streets, run these streets correctly”
Well, feet don’t fail me now; I never knew my feet to test me
Lord knows I wear new clothes to the mall
Two hoes on my arm
Fur boots when it’s warm
Church shoes to play ball
I’m spittin’ this shit like bird food to a dog
Urkel to big Carl, y’all don’t hear me
All I love is paper, I don’t love these hoes
Boy, that vest won’t save you, neither will heroes
Lord, they better hope you save him, better catch the holy ghost
Holy moly, hockey mask like Halloween like OVO
Lord, all I know is strippers, all they know is poles
All they sell is pussy ’cause they been sold they soul
Boy, you go zero to sixty, I go one-and-two-zeros
Pedal to the metal, I call it rose gold
Lord, all I know is paper, big fat money rolls
Look at how big my safe is, that bitch got double doors
I was runnin’ outta patience ’til I heard “All aboard”
They mad ’cause I be skatin’ at home on marble floors
Lord knows I drive fast in my driveway
I pop tags and throw ’em down and make the ground shake
Goddamn, a pint of lean almost 5K
I be spendin’ 25K every 5 days
I sent my girl on a spa day
‘Cause Hood just came with them chickens
I don’t want you in the house, bae
Plus we need the kitchen
Lord, trap house in abundance
We got trap houses in London, y’all don’t hear me

(We got London on da Track)

[Verse 2]
Hol’ up, had to switch the flow up
Had to pour up, roll some more up
Watch me go up, my doors go up
When I show up, why you show up?
Pick my bro up, pick a O up
Hit the store up, get a soda
Get us four cups, split a four up
Then we slow up, yeah, you know us
Then we toast cups and we post up
Don’t approach us, we got toasters
That’s my slime, like we ghostbust
And we both bust, give no fucks
Take no stuff and take your stuff
Then ho hunt for some chocha
I know a ho who’ll rock the boat
But I row her, I’m Noah, Lord
I remember when I was no one, Lord
When I couldn’t find jack in no one’s cards
Ms. Cita, I remember goin’ in your gun drawer
Puttin’ it to my chest and missin’ my heart by centimeters
Oh Lord, I remember dyin’ on her room floor
And wakin’ up in some police’s arms, he died recent
So I hope Heaven made more room for him, and I hope he see me
‘Cause if he didn’t save that lil boy, there’d be no Weezy
Oh Lord


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