Kevin Gates - Shoot My Shot

Shoot My Shot
Shoot My Shot

What up, love? (What up, love?)
How you doin’? I’m Kevin
Be careful
You go hard (And I’m ready)
I didn’t want anything, I was just comin’ to say hello (All this time)
(DzoBeats Production)
Never entertain the possibility of us ever bein’ anything
Had it preconceived, you will never fuck with somebody like me (Woof)
Woah, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
My bad, baby, I had got excited
Shit, I’m a, I’m a street nigga, you heard me?
(Hittin’ that ass from the back love bug)
I ain’t never think I would fuck nothin’ like you
You know you up in rank with it (From the back love bug)

[Verse 1]
You lyin’ if you say you ain’t lovin’ on Brasi
You judgin’ a book by the cover, be honest
Condemn it ’cause you see yoursеlf up inside it
Secretivеly, wanna try it in private
Secretively, wanna try it in private
Fantasizin’ ’bout two dicks inside your body
She like how we supply it
Can’t help but gettin’ excited (Mmm)
Would I be wrong, wanna fuck you with one of my niggas?
If afterwards, I promise that I won’t look at you different
Hit from the back, strokin’ you slow while he stickin’ his thumb in your ass, yeah
Your mouth, I tongue kiss you, that dick in your throat while I’m pullin’ your hair, yeah
Switchin’ positions, you suckin’ his dick while I’m rubbin’ your clitoris
I put the head in and go slow
I ain’t had a real slut in so long
Like a cowgirl, she rode
In a rodeo, slow motion
Titties jigglin’, dick soakin’
Lil’ pussy got grip on it
She come and let it drip on me
Water faucet, she done pissed on it
I’m strokin’, slow motion
Strokin’, slow motion
Hol’ on

If all I really had, baby, was this time
Would it really be that bad, if I was to shoot my shot?
(Cartel Bo)

[Verse 2]
I put that dick on her like Rob Piper and I knew I had to pipe down
Feet hit the ceiling fans, sixty-nine standin’ up, I got her upside down
This my second attempt, the first time I went limp, I had nutted real quick, shit embarrassin’
I want some revenge, run it back one more ‘gain, walkin’ out of the gym, I got stamina
Sexin’ in public, in the fitting room, not to move fifty, you fuckin’ a gangsta
We took a hike to the top of the mountain, ride off on the trail, makin’ love on a blanket
I had a show out of town, out in in Arkansas
I’ll hit you right back when I exit the stadium
You tell me you love me ’cause I’m your lil’ baby
Prayin’ that I make it back to you safely
You tellin’ me that you impatiently waitin’
FaceTime on the plane, flight attendant complainin’
Standin’ right here, lookin’ all in my face
Give me kiss through the phone, I’ma mwah-talk to you later
Yellow titties, you got beige nipples, I like it
Gold peach fuzz and your pussy from Ohio, are you excited? (Yeah)

Woah, oh-oh
Woah, oh-oh-oh
Hittin’ that ass from the back, love bug
Woah, oh-oh
Woah, oh-oh-oh
Hittin’ that ass from the back, love bug


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