Hard To Sleep
Hard To Sleep

[Intro: Kevin Gates & Sheffmade]
Damn Sheff, you made this?
Hmm, oh, I’m out my mind
I ain’t even gon’ write this (Ayy, YB help hype him up, bro)
I don’t know what I’m ’bout to say on that bitch, but, I

[Verse 1]
Since there’s somethin’ wrong, all this pain on me
I been thinkin’ ’bout Killa Stone in that Range Rover
Tellin’ lies to my mama, think I’m stayin’ sober
On that Don Abraham, I ain’t been staying sober
It been hard for me to sleep, I ain’t been takin’ Somas
Dead bodies on my top, and they been playin’ on me
Gave a lot of niggas my love, and they been playin’ on me
They been imitatin’ my swag, but, they can’t stand on it
I done got back in my bag, I been stayin’ focused
And if yo’ bitch get in my presence, she get a good aroma
Know I’m fully fuckin’ focused and we fully loaded
Airbnb’s that I own, but I rent from myself
I was into property at sixteen, my niggas laughed at me
I got a daycare and a car lot and they laughed at me
I got a Starbucks in Boteni, ask me how I’ma make money
Now they wanna consult with me on alternate ways for to make money
I really hustle, I’m really thuggin’
2329 Carolina, buckin’
Shot a pussy nigga in his face, Miss Connie ain’t say nothin’
Every time I’m in the section, pull up and bless her with somethin’
I was twelve in Louisiana, out here with Big London
No matter how much wrong I did, Miss Mary never judged me
The secret to my heart, she hide the dope and say nothin’
Butch and Shawday son that died, I cried a lot of tears
God blessed me with a son, so, I named Khaza after him
Can’t complain’ about the hand, so we gon’ play the card they give us
Breadwinner top and bottom, nigga, know the way we built
You can’t name somebody who done played with Brasi that ain’t get killed

Unless there was fam’ love or somethin’, you heard me? You know
And that wasn’t really serious, you know
You got to do me somethin’, you can’t just be talkin’
You heard? You got to do me somethin’

[Verse 2]
Sneak me in jail, I’ma kill yo’ family
Make it look like an accident by the way it happened
Years later, I get bored sometime and make shit happen
I ain’t just rappin’, once I bow my head, everybody get to business
I got on my knees and ask the Lord for forgiveness
Want to keep me from, sinnin’, baby? You should mind your business
I got a new bitch and sometimes relationship’s toxic
Hate when we be arguin’ love when makin’ love, my dick toxic
If you just talkin’ and ain’t doin’ shit, you spit-boxin’
Cool, calm, collected in presence, ain’t no kickboxin’
Big ol’ player and your old lady wanna sit by me
Watch from Denver, Colorado got my wrist rocky
Pray for harmony, sometimes I tend to get cocky
Another shipment just came in and I been gettin’ it, yeah
Any problem I encounter, I could fix it, yeah
I got partners doin’ time, wish I could fix it, yeah


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