EST Gee - I Still Don’t Feel Nun

I Still Don’t Feel Nun
I Still Don’t Feel Nun

(I told my daddy, I’m tired of hurting) You know what it is
You know niggas really don’t like theirself
Man, I’m cool with me, I’m a gangster
Ain’t no emotion in my blood, I ain’t never did no fuck shit
I ain’t never put no blacklight up, I’m a real nigga (FOREVEROLLING)
I said don’t cry for me when it’s over
Shit, and I still don’t feel nothing (Yeah)
I been through so much, I don’t give a fuck (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
Life of a bandit
Winning all my battles now my section got a champion
No rat and not no faggot, getting money been my passion
I factored in the fraction, this shit gaining on me faster
Turn around and face it
These niggas want smoke with a gangsta, I’ma lace ’em
I hop out with them bangers, I told Tak I been a chaser
It wasn’t after dreams
Forever with Lil’ Dig ’cause I know he will die for me (And I’ll die for him)
Diggin’ graves ‘fore I beef, we leave blood in the street
Hate never harmed me, it was love made me bleed (The love did this shit)
I pay for everything, so what I fuck her? Let me be (So what I fuck her?)
She look and said the police ’bout to come, you should leave (What?)
The only way to hurt me, take my son away from me (What?)
This watch and this chain cloud your judgement of me (What?)
I’m still the same nigga brought a ton through the East

I’m still the same nigga, man, two thousand pounds
On Jacob, Lambton, man, Jackson, I love them niggas

[Verse 2]
Hold yo’ head up like a man and never die a coward
With you for a year, you never had over a thousand dollars (Ain’t have no money)
Niggas had the nerve to tell my family I’ma join my mama
Angry at her funeral in the front row, I popped peach Roxies
Riding like I’m Ox down niggas’ blocks, increased violence
Deep sliding, pop another Perc’, don’t even think ’bout it
Dead so grieving they can see it, let my dreads grow
Freaky see me down on that ride with his leg broke
It hurt worse than being dead broke
Wish I could ask Jigga why they did it but he dead though
Reason that it’s fifty-sixty blues for a dead loc
I want the whole blood line
Sliding through the island with the zaza ducking one time
Never let ’em play me like a pussy, nigga, one time
It’s gone be some shots fired, man down, yellow tape, homicide

It’s gon’ be some shots fired, man down, yellow tape
It’s gon’ be some shots fired, man down, yellow tape
It’s gon’ be some shots fired, lay ’em down, hands down, uh
Shots fired, lay ’em down…


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