Lil B - Fuck Me Remix

Fuck Me Remix
Fuck Me Remix

Somebody tell me why Lil B is the rawest rapper ever
I can raise my hand to that
Hmm. You know who got bitches?
You said that enough
No I didn’t. I got bitches
Hmm. That seems like a pretty… Logical assumption. I believe it
You don’t have to believe it cause I got a lot of bitches
Is this Pink Flame?
Pfft, You already know what the fuck it is. You know who I am
Now when I said uhh, this that music for motherfuckers that got a lot of bitches right
If you don’t got bitches, you’ll never understand this

Bitch Fuck Me! x8
Ho Fuck Me! x8

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I’mma keep it real man, them bitches love me
Them bitches want me, cause I know Lil B
Bitches suck my- Cause I look like Master P
I came from the streets, so bitch respect me
Lying ass bitch, I know you want the dick
I know you look- Bitch I don’t even trip
I know the basedgod, and I think he’s my friend
I fucked the bitch at 1, then I’mma fuck the ho at 10

[Interlude 1]
Now back to my clock, back to my clock
Lil B, It seems to me that, besides you having a major amount of swag and bitches
Off the top of the checklist I see Pink Flame Mixtape
Hmm. This is amazing
I want to say, How did you get 10 bitches, Lil B?
You might be the most…hmmm You have a lot of bitches

Bitch Fuck Me! x8

[Verse 2: Lil B]
Bitch I look great, I’mma show you Ricki Lake
I’mma tell you bout my day, did I say I look great?
I’mma take you on a date, because I’m that pretty bitch
I don’t know about you, but I’m that fucking dude
I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t give a fuck
I got 56 bitches, I got 51 bitches
I got 13 problems, I got bitches that’ll solve them
I might be a mathematician, cause the money I be getting
Sometimes I use division then I divide it by Pi
I would never fucking Lie, I got bitches till I die
Ho the prize is- the- SHIT! I’mma tell you this
I look like BasedGod, and these hoes want to fuck me!

Bitch Fuck Me! x8
Ho Fuck Me! x8


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