$UICIDEBOY$ - Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th

[Intro: Smkie Smk, LIL UZI & D Devils]
Yeah, we doing this shit—Friday the 13th in this motherfucker, what’s good man?
You are now listening to Smkie Smk
(Lil Uzi, uh—)
Take out your weapons and fight

[Verse 1: LIL UZI]
Bust a motherfucker head open with a lead pipe (lead pipe!)
Rob a motherfucker at a red light
Bitch, if you dead wrong then that mean I’m dead, right?
Shinin’ like a light in the night full of fright
Head full of lead
Told that bitch, “put them meds in your Keds!”
‘Cause them Feds be inspecting my bread
Them Doc’s be inspecting my head
Told me there’s nothing but cobwebs and lead
I’m a psycho, I’m under your bed
Creepin’ and crawlin’
I’m stalking the sleeping
My target has weakened
I’m seekin’ a carcass to sleep in
Wearing its bones around my neck
Hop in the deep end
Heart never beatin’
Scythe in my hand, bitch, I sow what I’m reaping
Slaughter the sheep, and I drain all the blood
Fill up my cup, yeah, I’m sipping the flood, uh

Tell your bitch, pick her lip up
She look again, then she gettin’ fucked
Ten feet into that sticky stick
Riding ’round with my new bitch
It’s that mystic prince on that triple six
Sittin’ back with my crucifix
Put that hoe face in a pillow
I’m that $carecrow in your window
Ain’t no witness in the dark
Body parts and eating hearts
Robbers, killers, cocaine dealers
Leave these fuckboys shakin’
Looking in the face of Satan
Sold my soul, fuck the cost
Robbin’ these bitches and making my riches
Bitch, I swallow crucifixes

Damn son, where’d ya’ find this?


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