Frank Ocean - Be Yourself

Be Yourself
Be Yourself

[Skit: Rosie Watson]
Many college students have gone to college and gotten hooked on drugs, marijuana, and alcohol
Listen, stop trying to be somebody else
Don’t try to be someone else
Be yourself and know that that’s good enough
Don’t try to be someone else
Don’t try to be like someone else, don’t try to act like someone else
Be yourself, be secure with yourself
Rely and trust upon your own decisions
On your own beliefs
You understand the things that I’ve taught you
Not to drink alcohol, not to use drugs
Don’t use that cocaine or marijuana, because that stuff is highly addictive
When people become weed-heads
They become sluggish, lazy, stupid, and unconcerned
Sluggish, lazy, stupid, and unconcerned
That’s all marijuana does to you, okay? This is mom
Unless you’re taking it under doctor’s, um, control
Then it’s regulated
Do not smoke marijuana, do not consume alcohol
Do not get in the car with someone who is inebriated
This is mom, call me, bye


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