$UICIDEBOY$ - Exodus


First, I turned the Nile River into blood!
Then I released the frogs as the city floods!
Along with lice, flies, and I diseased your livestock!
Then I make sure the boils grow on your wife and child!
Look up at the fucking sky, you’ll see a storm of hail and fire!
Then I sent out the locusts to swarm your fucking crops!
I blacked out the sun and made time stop!
Next I’m coming for your firstborn son, watch him drop!

[Verse 1: YUNG PLAGUE]
Bitch, I’m Yung Plague, here to spread the flames
Makin’ it fucking rain alligator fangs
Lightin’ the flame that ignited the revelation of Osiris
I’m risin’ above the horizon, I blackened the diamond
And siphoned all of the water supply of Zion
Bitch, I cut the head clean off of the lion
Put it on a spike, and all of the sheep became enlightened, bitch
I’m standin’ right beside Poseidon ’bout to release all the Titans
Footprints in the sand, followed by a herd of rotten bison

Grey, grey, grey, grey
Grey, grey, grey, grey
Grey, grey, grey, grey
Grey, grey, grey, GREY!

Crucify me with the nails in my feet
With the nails in my wrists, and that blade in my chest
Enlightened by Zion, I’m wearin’ the lion
With teeth on a rope that surrounding my neck
Standing in fire, I’m God of the liars
Attire is made up of nothin’ but wire
The choir is singin’ my praises with phrases that let you all know I’m the bastard of Satan
Black in my eyes, homicide on my mind
With that blood on my face, then I turn it to wine
Yung Christ the divine, make them fall into line
Let the planets align as they build me a shrine
The end of the world as you know it
When I’m up in hell, I turn fire to snow, bitch
The waters, they swell as the polars are broken
Evoking the smoke from the bodies that’s choking, h


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