EST Gee - Young Drug Dealer 2

Young Drug Dealer 2
Young Drug Dealer 2

[Intro: EST Gee]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Make it real uncuttable for niggas
Niggas think they can go out and shoot
Niggas can’t, though (FOREVEROLLING)
Niggas can’t move
Better stand in line
Yeah, big Gee, nigga

[Verse 1: EST Gee]
And I still walk around the island like the mayor
Bunk, mid, gas, nigga, we got all flavors
Ridin’ with an acre in the grass-color food (With that dog)
Served more kicks than Goat and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the shoes
Half of ’em gettin’ drove, half gettin’ flewed
I’m a boss, not a goon, in the loft gettin’ chewed
I’m on two M box blues, it ain’t noon (Perked out)
Sweatin’ in the load, grower say that it ain’t bloom
You trippin’, she sent nudes, but he see me and act cool
I don’t lose, I don’t tussle
She sucked it, I ain’t fuck her, I’ma bet it, I ain’t tuckin’
Caught a dancin’-ass nigga out clubbin’
Hit him with a couple, I’m the boss and the muscle, you a bum
Blood said he want a free dub, rockin’ crumbs
Signed to the street way before I had the funds
The coldest, I’ll show you how to make, yo, shake the buds
Switches on them glizzies, ain’t no way that they can run
Real plug, in my label meetings with a gun
Baby girl in love, she just wanna fuck a thug

[Chorus: EST Gee]
Yeah, young drug dealer with a rap nigga dream
Shirt off, ridin’ in a Dawn, smokin’ weed
Young drug dealer, just some dog and a dream
Take your shirt off for me, baby, let me see
Real drug dealer, I’m a rap nigga’s dream
Young drug dealer, just some raw and some fiends
Young drug dealer, got it all, what you need?
Real plug nigga, I’m a rap nigga’s dream

[Verse 2: Babyface Ray]
I’m like fuck niggas, stand alone, what you mean? (Fuck niggas)
I’m online with the plug, what you need?
On Miami, top speed, nigga, you ain’t got these
We get fifty for the thirties, that’s why we don’t pop these, ayy (Naw)
Toss her in the drop, then I made her drop me (Bitch)
I told her sit in front, I left the baggage on the scene, fuck it
Diamond HD, you can see it if I tuck it (Look)
New Amiri jeans, I just bought ’em just to stuff ’em (Look)
I’m at BOA, seat backs garlic butter
Niggas gon’ need corona masks for this puppy
Five hundred yams to my mans, he in Kentucky (That’s for my man)
I just spent a bag for a bag, Louis luggage (Louis)
Nigga, tuck your bitch, it’s me and Douglas (Hood)
Mansion in the hills, turnin’ up, she think she clubbin’ (Boy)
Hood nigga, I’m on Rodeo still clutchin’ (Still)
Organized crime in LA, still crunchin’ (Still), nigga


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