EST Gee - We Even

We Even
We Even

I been stopped caring about my life, so what makes you think I care about yours
Big Gee nigga
Know I keep that clip on me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Okay we even, you caught them people we supposed to be beefin’
It was four of us in a Regal, all the weapons was lethal
I’m a leader but a creeper, my associates equal
Bro off a X, smokin’ a black, feelin it’s turning him evil
When he seen you shot so much, I swear you damn near turned see through
Too many threats can’t let it go, we could never be peaceful
Real dеmons let it die down, so the policе can’t find the motive
Keep DMin’ me, hopin’ once I smoke you they’ll notice
I be zonin’, took a loss every month this year
But I’m still shittin’ on you niggas, let’s just make that clear
And I lost my soul on that road, I don’t have no fear
Eyes burnin’ when I’m hurtin’, I don’t have no tears
And if you think that I don’t love you, it’s ’cause I don’t
I gave lil bruh some dope, he gave my info to them folks
Wear my feelings on my sleeve, so I ain’t tryna play a joke
It’s a hundred days of heat, everybody with me want smoke
Police ask me who I’m workin’ for, I laughed and said “Let’s go”
Self made big dog, bitch don’t act like you don’t know
And I know you can see it in my face, most these niggas gon’ hate
So you know I keep that clip on me nigga
And I got that sack they gon’ chase, but you say that’s yo bae
Come get yo bitch off me nigga
And it’s gonna be a homicide when it’s drama time
A whole bunch of lil niggas lettin’ llamas fly
And it’s gonna be a homicide when it’s drama time
A whole bunch of big niggas lettin’ llamas fly
It’s gon’ be a head shot, ain’t bad, know I need a red dot
Reminiscing sleepin’ on them jail cots
I was dead broke for days, waitin’ on them mail drops
Black jeans and black tees, preparing myself because hell’s hot
Young nigga, five figures, all came from a mailbox
Me and Beast the ice cream men, come get these pale rocks
Make a nigga kidnap yo old lady from that nail shop
Or uncle ice yo baby, it’s too late to give that bread up


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