EST Gee - Real Plug

Real Plug
Real Plug

Niggas got y’all thinkin’ you find the plug and live happily ever after
Hell nah
Light the weed bruh
This shit will have your day one nigga tryna shoot you in the face ’cause he feel like he ain’t get his
It’ll make your bitch set you up nigga

[Verse 1]
Young nigga, I was movin’ weight but it was sloppy
Them niggas should’ve shot me in my face when they robbed me
Instead they got me out in front the place where they mom be
Instead they had me in the parking lot of they party
Instead thеy got me stalking all they Twitter posts and IVs
And now I want еverybody’s shit bags and IVs
Made me feel like Boosie on the day that he lost Ivy
Them bags was my life, so it’s like they took my IV
Head low, talkin’ to myself like where the bread go
Hell no, I can’t take no more losses for now hoe
They’ll go to the maximum to see my head blown
Damn bro, we’re supposed to keep it street so how the feds know
Young nigga, he was seventeen but he a man though
So when I put that hammer to his chest he wasn’t scared so
I shot that motherfucker from his head to his elbow
My conscience telling me “get in the car, this nigga dead bro”
Fighting with these demons in my ears, like some headphones
I gotta make it home to tuck my baby into bed so


I be drinkin’ lean to keep my stomach in nice
And I’m still burnin’ trees but I know I should stop
I got an open case for weed, they want me thrown in the box
Faking like you real, but we know that you not
I be takin’ percs and feel like I’m on hank
To make it even worse I wash it down with the drank
I got her lookin’ crazy, Granny raised me insane
I want to change the way I’m livin’ but I know that I can’t

Real plug sellin’ real drugs, you can’t feel love
Kill love, if it’s still love, then it is love
Real plug sellin’ real drugs, you can’t feel love
Kill love, niggas gon’ get you high of the story


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