EST Gee - On the Floor

On the Floor
On the Floor

(Intro: Icewear Vezzo)
Gettin’ money nigga
We gon’ run this bitch up a whole ‘nother ticket (FOREVEROLLIN)
EST. What it look like nigga?
Gang action in this motherfucker

(Verse 1: Icewear Vezzo)
Yeah, Never switching teams
Aye only pour up clean when I’m mixing lean
Yeah drop him in his hood we gon’ switch the scene
I’ll get a pussy nigga wacked for a zip of weed (Iced Up Records)
Niggas oppositions
And I ain’t selling niggas work, niggas competition
Doggy lacking on his… Spend the block and hit it
I got fifty thousand, all hunnids pokin out my denims
He keep mugging out them sticks, We gon takе his frames
Yeah, dawg so strong it’s gon break thе chain
Lil cuddy told me niggas tellin’, gotta play my hands
Rather bond my nigga outta jail ‘fore I make it rain
For the snakes in the grass, keep a mower on me
I ain’t steppin’ in no party ‘less that blower on me
Nigga say he bout that action gotta show me somethin’
Between my AP and my necklace, thtat’s a quarter on me

(Verse 2: EST Gee)
Ridin’ thru Detroit in the same Cat that I got shot in
Soon as I woke up from surgery, I told ’em drop ten
The city know, they catch a body for me then they locked in
My shooter got a conscience, ‘fore he slide he gotta pop xans
4 bricks of fish spead thru the click, it ain’t no fitting in
Ric’ ain’t selling none of his for cheap he want 100 grand
Yeah, the wrong niggas to be speaking bout
Pull up at yo bitch’s house
And catch you while you creeping out
Shit done finally surfaced so it’s deeper now
Niggas cliquing up tryna make it even now
I ain’t doing no more speaking bout
So ain’t no point in reaching out
I quit poppin’ yoppas make it harder to let my demons out
You thought that you was low at ya lil post
One of them hoes done let yo secret out
Bitch that ain’t no secret house
We got some involvement in the recent drought
When my niggas quit bringin’ it , It wasn’t no good iced tea around
Always snakes in the grass, you gotta weed em out
Most these bitches hoes, it take the right nigga to bring it out
Police took my jewelry in the summer, I’m back freezing now
I’m getting it out the freezer now, meet me at my people house
It’s Big Gee the bow man, AKA Mr. Leave it in a skeezer’s mouth

(Verse 3: Payroll Giovanni)
I went from rags to riches
From small time to moving bags of menace
To tryna touch some everlasting figures
Used to need niggas help, then I past them niggas
Guess depending on myself made me mash on niggas
Used to get fronted, now I front bags to niggas
They used to count me last, now I’m first class on niggas
Audemars, that’s a slab my nigga, I’m talking dog food
Press ignore for gossip, for profit, I let the call through
Last spotted outside the club we was in all coupes
Champagne, 1942 when we fall through
I’m Giovanni, lil nigga, what the fuck they call you
Just another clown wit lies you swearing all true
Still on the the same shit, wake up daily change kicks
Boy, you barely change fits, you be on that lame shit
I be out the country, out the blue, I just take trips
Bag moving as I take sips

(Outro: Payroll Giovanni)
Yeah nigga. Gee what up though. Vezzo, still on the flo’
Know what it is nigga


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