EST Gee - On Sight

On Sight
On Sight

It’s an emergency
Someone come quick this shit hurtin’ me
Red dot, shirt turned burgundy
These bullets is burnin’ me
We did that shit purposely
He should’ve thought twice before he ever said them words to me

[Verse 1]
I know that my heart cold on a summer night
Nigga don’t ever bring no knife to a gun fight
I couldn’t tell a single soul what I done tonight
You’ll never get caught if you learn how to do it right
I feel like I lost my soul, but fuck it right
I’m livin’ this one, I can’t worry ’bout no afterlife
Plus I’m strapped up like a dyke, can’t let them catch me at the light
‘Cause I know that it’s on sight, I know that it’s on sight
We can’t relate if you ain’t took trips on the Interstate
At broad day hop out let it bang pull over switch the plates
I pray my foes disintegrate
I pray for bigger plates so all my dogs can have a taste
I broke boulders down to shake, they know me at the rental place
I been driving 30 days
I don’t feel fatigued nigga, please nigga
I can’t sleep ’til I see 30 Gs nigga
I’ma trick my play now that’s a flea flicker
That’s an easy lick, ain’t even need pistols
Said he want his money back, it’s seeds in it
We ain’t listen, we ain’t trippin’
I knew I was special when I found out I ain’t need niggas
It’s a lot of fake love when you feed niggas
Playing like he hard, but so is ice ’til you put heat in it
Better keep your blower like police whistles
Or have your mama wonderin’ why her lil baby had to die
We believe that you can fly
You’ll see lean back in your ride, and brains hangin’ out the side


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