EST Gee - Morals


Yeah, yeah

This shit on the stove already sold, it ain’t even dry yet
How you think they’ll miss you when you gone if you ain’t even died yet? (FOREVEROLLIN)
Right is right and wrong is wrong, you still ain’t even slide yet
On my way, I was getting on, come home and flood the projects
You can’t say you fuck with Gee if you ain’t picked a side yet
They just watched the mystery build up, they want the climax
On the watch, I sent her to the store to get a Pyrex
Quarter from my nigga, I’ma try to add like ninе grits
I prefer the watеr now, at first, I used to dry whip
I can’t show no sympathy if you told even if you dry snitch
Pillow talking to them hoes like you ain’t know that’s our bitch
My nigga say his pole make him feel big, but he just five-six
Threw them people more elbows than the Rock, but I’m not Chris
I done seen a lot of cold niggas get hit with hot shit
If you catch a body for EST, for life, you locked in
Bullets to the face the only way to cool a hothead
I gave her two hundred, told her, “Call me when the box land”
She gave me a key and everything, she said it’s my crib
I ain’t had no problem with that either, she got mop head
She stay on her knees so much that I forgot she got legs
I was only ten when I found out what a Glock is
We gon’ leave him dead if we find out where his block is
Ten’ll make ’em clear the whole crib even if he got kids
Catch a nigga unexpectedly like a pop quiz
Know the streets’ll put you in a twist like a lock dread
Freaky keep his heat and keep a brick, but he is not Craig
I popped so much ecstasy it turned me to the yop man
Jigga got a bitch who know exactly where the opps live
Who put bread on Gee? I couldn’t believe it ’cause I’m not dead

Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm, I couldn’t believe it ’cause I’m not dead


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