EST Gee - Frauds


[Intro: EST Gee]
Big Gee, nigga
Calboy, what up?
Niggas out their motherfucking mind, nigga
Ooh, ooh
You know I started this dream, nigga, it’s P shit, nigga

[Verse 1: EST Gee]
They should’ve left us broke, they done fucked up, let us get a run (Let us get a run)
All of us sell dope with different plugs, nigga, pick you one
Big dog, I can send a ton (Send a load)
Niggas ain’t wanna give me crumbs when I was lacking funds
Just knocking nugs and trying to stack a dub (Gee)
I pack a gun at night when I’m riding through my city (Riding through my city)
Clutching on it tight ’cause I know niggas wanna kill me (I know niggas want my head)
Pray I get it right before somebody catch me slipping (‘Fore they catch me in that field)
Run in traffic with this semi, these niggas better not tempt me (Niggas better not tempt me)
I just gave a bet to my lil nigga, he been trying to get his bodies up (Trying to get his bodies up)
Told him, “Once they fuck, then hit my phone so we can line him up” (Fuck so we can get him)
Nigga shot Lil Dave and he just think we ain’t gon find him, huh? (Stupid-ass nigga)
Freak been geeked, I think he touched more ice than a Mighty Duck (Ice than a Mighty Duck)
Why not buy a pound or something? (Buy a pound)
Hustle, get your money up (Hustle, get your money up)
Thirty plus, his head busted, any nigga fuck with us (Any nigga fuck with us)
I was selling bowls of crush (Yeah)
Ain’t run off, I doubled up (Doubled up)
And blessed all of my customers (Yeah)
You can’t see where I’m coming from (Bitch)

[Pre-Chorus: Calboy]
Better stay on your side, my block a red zone (Red zone)
Opp niggas keep dying, they singing sad songs (Sad songs)
I said, bitch, we’ve been trapping, fuck what the feds on (Feds on)
Uh, finna say, boy, I love you, keep your head on (Keep your head on)

[Chorus: Calboy]
Niggas fraud, your life is made up (Made up)
I’ve been trapping hard to get the cake up (Cake up)
I just broke her heart, why she cried to make up? (Cried to make up)
I just prayed to God, hope he can save us (Hope he save us)

[Verse 2: Calboy]
Ain’t no loafing, baby, I’ma get it always (Always)
What you know about putting fifteen in your Balmains? (In your Balmains)
What you know about trapping hard in that hallway? (In that hallway)
What you know about going to war, letting them sparks spray? (Letting them sparks spray)
Ayy, disrespect the sqaud and them heaters blow (Heaters blow)
Ayy, it was stack or starve, so I kicked a door (So I kicked a door)
Ayy, I’m sipping this lean, I might pour a four (I might pour a four)
Ayy, I ain’t got a heart, yeah, lil’ bitch, I’m cold (Bitch, I’m cold)
Ayy, she ain’t never seen these diamonds, lil’ bitch, I glow (Lil’ bitch, I glow)
Ayy, she don’t even know what I am, treat me like UFO (Like UFO)
Ayy, in the trap I’m grinding, whip on the stove (Whip on the stove)
Ayy, and the killers behind me, you tweak, they go (You tweak, they go)

[Pre-Chorus: EST Gee & Calboy]
In the streets, only thing that I fear is a dead phone (Dead phone)
Fought the feds, I wasn’t scared, though, because my bread long (‘Cause my bread long)
We can’t catch you, we gon’ put it on your man dome (On your man dome)
Five lil’ niggas dressed in camo, letting cannons blow (Letting cannons blow)

[Chorus: EST Gee & Calboy]
Niggas fraud, they life is made up (Made up)
I’ve been grinding hard to get this paper (Get this paper)
I just broke her heart, why she cried to make up? (Make up)
I just prayed to Quan to keep me safer (Keep me safer)

(Blackswan on the mix)


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