EST Gee - Fan Wrld

Fan Wrld
Fan Wrld

Aight give me like a day

Pop shit with a thot bitch, in a drop six
Glock, I ain’t gotta cock it, it’s in the cockpit
Stop it, think you hot shit, you is not shit
I told her, she come over, she gotta pop it
A soldier, she bend it over, let me poke her
I told ya you can’t control her, let her go bruh
Vulture, I feed her cobra, you think you know some’
You hopeless, you a broke bum, let you hold some’
I post up, tried to show love until he froze up
You post up, be a solider, you a poser
Pour me up some Remy or some’
You act like I don’t walk round with my glizzy or some’
You act likе all my niggas don’t get busy or some’
She say onе thing bout us niggas we got plenty of money
And all my niggas killers, we ain’t friendly or nothin’
Lame niggas take these hoes and put a kid in they stomach
Knowing every single nigga done put dick in they stomach
They see me fall off, check they vision, they shit blurry or some’
I ain’t never been a hater, make me stick to my stomach
She tell me that I fuck like I’m fresh out of prison or some’
Once we throw, I don’t come back like I’m a frisbee or somethin’
Ain’t no heart in my chest, like it’s a blizzard or somethin’
All these hoes be wearin’ wigs just like they fifty or some’
I pull up and she get in and go to instantly suckin’
First time I hit the ho, wet like she pissy or somethin’
She tell me I got so much sauce, just like I’m drippin’ or somethin’
That hoes tried to line me up like she got clippers or somethin’
But when her brother kicked the door, gun went to instantly bustin’
They must be trippin’ or somethin’ like I’m a victim or somethin’
Don’t know what happened to dude, think he a memory or some’
Fifteen hundred to my lawyer like come get me or some’


I had to pop shit with a thot bitch, drop six
Yeah, nigga, yeah
Yeah, nigga, yeah
Fan world


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