EST Gee - El Toro

El Toro
El Toro

I linked with Vargas, he say I’m a monster
He call me El Toro
Yeah, yeah
Niggas gotta learn the difference between love and loyalty
I know Judas loved Jesus
I know Brutus loved Caesar

[Verse 1]
Self-made, who can check me?
All off green, a lil’ dog and some Gretzky
Niggas mumble when they speak, that’s how I know they respect me
I bet he spend his nights and days chasin’ a bitch, I can’t trip
Summer ’18, me and big Beach had three bricks, on my dick
Six months before, all I had saved, I had spent
Consequences, I can’t forget when I was late on my rent
So I whipped, get in that bowl, lil’ bro, it’s all in your wrist
Don’t run off or get caught up in all that internet shit
‘Cause the fastest money you spend is all gon’ come from a lick
It’s ABM and that’s it, they know we young and we rich
And we ain’t havin’ no picks, I been engaged to this paper
Go see KC, orders, he take ’em, I done laced him with flavor
I’m a player, envy and hatred never been in my nature
Stood on Jacob when you was playin’, I was loadin’ my bases
Stood in basements, quiet and sacred, niggas know I’ll snake ’em
Tall Jamaican, he was a bitch, had no choice but to take ’em
Had no choice, I was basic, so many niggas betrayed me
I love him, it fucked me up, I thought ’bout killin’ his baby

And it fucked me up, for real
My family
You a fucked up nigga, you gon’ kill your own family
Right is right and wrong is wrong
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

[Verse 2]
Sixty FoodSaver bags on the counter, nigga, trap or die
Forty local, twenty out-of-town, gon’ get ’em by tomorrow
I done found my life in jobs, I done put my life in cars
I done drove my life across state lines, they gon’ give us ours
Enterprise and rental cars, it’s only testers in my drawls
On Adderalls, can’t sleep at all, got it and I need it off
Never cared what people thought, let ’em talk and peep the flaw
Zipper cut, the piece was raw, so fuck my phone, I cut it off
Know we all say, “Fuck the law,” never gon’ tell what we saw
Answered all my flips so long, I damn near knocked the buttons off
Crossed his brothers, but he love ’em, so he cannot cut ’em off
You would probably hate me if I told you all the plans I thought
You would probably pass out if you ever smelled the pan of tar
Melt down like a candle jar, don’t answer all my granny’s calls
Know she think I’m probably lost, winnin’ ’cause I took my loss
Now they see I’ve been a boss, that’s why I don’t fuck with y’all
Hands down, I’m the man by far, winnin’ ’cause I took my loss
Hands down, I’m the man by far, that’s why I don’t fuck with y’all


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