EST Gee - 555Am


God damn
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Shoot up niggas’ right hand mans and make ’em change they routines (Make ’em change they routines)
Niggas talk that shit, they gon’ get hit soon as they car leave (They gon’ get hit up when they car leave)
Dead broke in the projects, that’s that type of shit that makes dreams (That’s that type of shit that makes dreams)
My black bitch help me line up niggas perfеct, call her Beijing (I call her Bеijing)
Blender blend up bricks of China white, I call it Mei Ling (Yeah, yeah)
Last few days, I ice skated with two plays and ran through APs (Yeah, yeah)
EST the waterboys, rock bust down rollies, APs (APs)
Percocets wet, filled the tips with thirties and some tight jeans (Tight jeans)
I soaked up the game, went found my lane, and then went far with it (Yeah, yeah)
55, we made men, ABM, FAO, con livin’ (Gang, gang, gang)
Niggas tried to kill Gee in his hood like he ain’t god in it (Like I ain’t god)
We seen him double tapped on all them triggers like a far pitcher (Pew, pew, pew, pew)
Ran through so much gas up east, they hung up me and Rob picture (All my jewelery)
I think you police, you speak on beef and ain’t involved with it (Police ass)
Niggas tryna advise me like they background ain’t got flaw in it (Like they ain’t got flaw)
Hungry dog with teeth and claws, was raw, I put my paws in it (Steppin’ off)
Head throb on my meat so hard like she tryna break her jaw with it (Uh)
They love us, 55 made men, ABM con livin’ (Con livin’)


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