Lil B - Bout Dat Life

Bout Dat Life
Bout Dat Life

We got Pink Flame on deck. We got Lil B on deck
We see a lot of beautiful ladies over here that love Lil B music
It’s Great. Pink Flame

Bruh ain’t hold no strap, bruh ain’t sold no dope
Bruh ain’t live that life, I’m gon’ live that life
Bitch ain’t roll no weed, bitch ain’t suck no dick
I’mma tell bout me, I’mma hold the heat

[Lil B talking]
It’s about ten o’clock right now. Bout to hit up this
Little club real fast, fuck it. You know, niggas going early, whatever
You know, I’m V.I.P anyday. I ain’t be tripping about shit, I don’t give a fuck

[Verse 1: Lil B]
Nigga play keys like Ray Charles, bitch love me I’mma fuck her tomorrow
Ho see me, I’m not involved, don’t get involved, no none at all
Bitch break bread first of all, I ain’t go lie, I thirst for all
BasedGod. Atlanta, I’m sick bitch, Fuck with me
She loving me, I smoke for me (smoke for free)
All on her, thats the word
Fuck the world, I’m on a bitch
She on her heels, I’m in the wind


[Verse 2: Lil B]
Bitch I’m a thug, can’t take a loss. Fuck feelings, Street money
Thats another feeling. BasedGod, you feel me, in the building
Don’t go to jail, Lord willing. Open up the door I see bitches
Close the door, there’s twenty bitches, yelling out Hola, Hit switches
Must be a bitch, fuck snitches. Niggas dont like me, I’ll bust a clip
Running on track I’ll bust a bitch. Girls down south, they love me
Girls out west, they fuck with me. Girls out east, they with the B
Uh huh, they don’t know, buy another whip, hmm I suppose

You feel me. man you feel me. Don’t be a controller
Don’t think its a game and get controlled, man you feel me
You know, Like I said man, Niggas ain’t bout that LIII
You ain’t bout that LII, You ain’t bout that Lii bruh



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