Lil B - Based Cerebral

Based Cerebral
Based Cerebral

Welcome to the realm of bitches
You have… Reached a new Based level
Now I must say, Lil B
You have… a lot of bitches!
To pink flame

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I really got bitches, Stacked up like Tetris. (Okaaay…!!)
Fucking 65 bitches (FUCK ME)
Damn, I’m Trent Razor!!
My bitch got 9-inch Nails, I fucked her then she went to sleep!
I got 35 bitches, I look like Mr. T (okay!)
Basedgod got 30 bitches (Okay!!!)
Undercover? Not that! (not that)
Keep it real, I’ma tell you that (Tell ya that)
I’m beefing with that damn strap. (Okaay!!)
I look like Ms. America
Fuck sucka, Get your wig split (Pow… POW!)
Bitch out there playing with me
I need… 40 bitches
I need about 20 pills
I’ma fuck the bitches all night (All night)
Call me Mr. All-Night. (All niiight!)
God dammit, I’m alright!
Bitch, I got a migraine (Basedgod!)
AK with the infragreen (Oookay!)
Bitch await me at the penthouse, I’ma fuck the ho
Then I’ma put her out. (Put her out)
Who really… love me??? I really wanna trust a bitch (Trust the bitch)
But I can’t, LOVE the bitch (love the bitch)
Last time I got my heart hurt
The bitch just want my money (My monnney)
That make me uncomfortable (Un-commmfortable)
Plus, I got the long swag (looong swag)
Make a bitch go psycho. (O-KAY!)
Ride around with that damn MAC, I feel like I’m in Okasa (OKASA)
Bitch tell me I’m in Japan, Riding on that flight down (I’m in Japaaaan!!!)
Bitch sucka get his ass beat
Playing games, I got 20 bitches
You don’t understand that (Staaand that)
(Lay a nigga–POW! You can’t fuck with me!)
20 grand on a new beat
Fuck yo, 20 thousand dollars?!?
I fucked about, 10 bitches (I Got Bitches!)
That mean I got a gold medal
Plus, I hold that damn metal (Swag, swag)
Niggas don’t understand me! (understand me)
Bitch, you gon’ tell me?? (Teeeell me)
Bitch I think I’m Oprah
Cocaine with that chauffeur (Chauuuffeur)
Bitch, in my (sooofa) sofa
Wake me when its (over) ovvver
I feel like I’m Opraaah
I’m thugging ‘till its ovvver (Oooover)
Bitches wanna fuuuck me (Fuck me)
I’m positive, And I’m thuuugging (Thugging)
I might, have to… Murk a nigga…!!! (O-KAAAY)
Before that, I’ma give a hug
That’s because, I got love (Got love)
I’m worldwide–Respect it. (respected)
It’s just that blessing. (Blessing)
The bitches keep on loving me (lovin’ me)
‘Cause my name is Lil B

And that’s real
I have… a new level of bitches (S-s-s-swag)

Congratulations, Lil B (Woop, woop, woop…!)
This is amazing
As you enter Basednam
And you enter this new level of Based world (Basedgod!)
I wanna tell you, this has been a long ride (Niggas ain’t fucking with me)
You’re still not finished (Hey man… Niggas can’t fuck with my swag, too)
You have a long way to go (…So leave my swag alone.)
Welcome to Based Cerebral (Basedgod!)
Congratulations (Woop. Swag! AHHHHH)
You have a lot’a bitches (DAMN)
Pink flame (Oooo-kaaay!)
Congrats Lil B, Based Cerebral

Congratulations, Lil B


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