Lil B - Ban the Weapons

Ban the Weapons
Ban the Weapons

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I stay with the black ban(e), new chain, black range
Niggas the lead burst, no this is not nerf
Fly past your head like a frisbee on Sunday
Got a stolen car, I’m just riding down the 1 way
Listening to music, I’m in the Chi Boosting
Will you ever leave the game
Bitch are you stupid?
Bitch are you cupid, can you put it in the air?
A lot of niggas rap, but don’t nobody care,
I’m shitting in the game while I’m staying in my lane
Keep my hands on the brakes, cause shit be changing,
Niggas from the street move to a loft
I ask how much you spend you say fuck what it cost
I get a lot of money and it start to turn me off
I’d rather have real friends then buy a new house
Fuck em
I said they couldn’t count
When they moms put em out
I was there in the drought
Niggas faking on me, I was in you was out
Niggas locked to the street, let the hood in my house
But a couple suckers see, that a nigga made it out
Plus, Shit
Niggas be faking
One thing that I learned, niggas goin’ watch you
Most you grew with, the niggas turn impostors
A lot of niggas be faking need an Oscar
My gun just jammed, so I can’t trust the chopper

I can’t even trust the gun
You know, ban the guns, ban the knives
All that shit, we don’t need the weapons nigga
What the fuck you need a weapon for?
You scared, boy?
You scared out here boy?
I don’t need no weapon nigga
I’m coming straight with the hands,
Thugged out seriously, OK
That’s real nigga, Lil B, swag


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